Nearly drowned and back to life with a clue in his hands

The last we got to know was that Torak plunged into the water and did not come up again for some time. We would not get to know that either in the next chapter, though we can read some of his flow of consciousness, struggling and fighting with the mighty flewing river water. At least […]

Torak’s unforseeable escape and their journey with three of them

We left Torak, the Tall Tailless, as Wolf calls him and the little Wolf cub at chapter nine and will now resume the story following up till chapter fourteen. Torak was bent to a roofpost from Oslak and Wolf bent to the same roofpost with a leash. A clan meet is summoned and the different […]

Captured, fighting and to fulfil a clan’s prophecy

Torak and Wolf have been captured by three hunters, one one of them a girl called Renn, anotherone a boy named Hord and the adult Oslak, a giant of a person. They take them to their camp, because Torak has hunted in their territory. Although he didn’t know that because he had not been to […]

First sniffing of each other

Perhaps you might have thought that the titles of my posting here are somehow related to the book’s names of the different chapters. It’s just that they’re numbered from one to thirty-two. What my postings are entitled with is somehow like a brief summary of the chapter’s plot. The third chapter though presents us two […]