First sniffing of each other

Perhaps you might have thought that the titles of my posting here are somehow related to the book’s names of the different chapters. It’s just that they’re numbered from one to thirty-two. What my postings are entitled with is somehow like a brief summary of the chapter’s plot. The third chapter though presents us two different points of view. Torak’s and the one of the wolf cub. We’re introduced to the way, the little wolf cub sees and experiences his environment. It’s somehow sweet but we’re are not presented a huge change of the story’s plot yet.

Torak’s description of the first contact with the wolf fits to the wolf cub’s impressions. Both of them are hungry and they do not really talk a lot with each other. That is in fact a nice little feature of Torak’s, he is able to immitate animal’s sounding so that he in a way can communicate with the forrest’s animals at all. Torak is setting up a deadfall, he is searching and finding some pignuts and mushrooms and afterwards starts to prepare a temporary shelter for the night. The last thing the reader’s attention is drawn to in this chapter is Torak’s fever that starts to grow because his wound has swollen red.

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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