Meeting the wolf cub

As you were told before, Torak now is straying around in the “Deep Forest” alone. In the second chapter of Michelle Paver’s book Wolf Brother most of what the reader is told is meant to be a description of the forrest surrounding Torak. He remembers the times he spent in the forrest’s glades and slopes together with his father. On his way through the woods he is shown another of the bear’s prey, a dead herd of forrest horses. Torak is reminded of the bear’s evil and demonic spirit, just for it did not kill this herd for hunger but for pleasure.

At the very moment Torak himself becomes hungry he gets in contact with another orphan, like he himself has become recently. Torak meets a wolf cub sitting next to his drowned family, yowling, not knowing why the others won’t play with it any longer. The reader is left with this feeling of tension, he is eager to get to know what will happen next, wether Torak will kill the cub for hunger or let it live is a question that’ll probably answered in the following chapter.

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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