Fa’s death

Obviously the death of his father is what the reader will remind after he red the first chapter of Michelle Paver’s book Wolf Brother. Torak is a twelve year old boy, who had to be grown up as a native together with his father not close to men but close to nature. Torak’s father is revealed to have been a hunter and the reader will notice some secrets around Torak’s person still to become unravelled. After an attack of a more than usual bear and a horrifying night Torak woke up beside his wounded and dying father. He has to swear an oath on searching for the “Moutain of the World Spirit”, though he not yet knew what this all will come out in the end.

Torak’s father knew the bear would come back to bring an end to its prey’s life, hence he sent Torak to the near stream to bring him some water. When Torak reaches the stream the “rampaging menace” came back to fullfill its prey’s faith. Torak now is out there in the forest, has lost his father, he himself was wounded and now he has to begin an explorating journey to find a place he never even heard of. But his father told him that a guide will find him. That’s what the reader is told in the first chapter and what might make him to become eager for what will happen next.

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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