Über Navigationssysteme und Metakodierung

Zwei Aufsätze über Medienphilosophie haben mich inspiriert, nicht weil sie mir ein Thema boten, sondern weil ich mich in die Lage versetzt fühlte: Das kannst Du auch, habe ich gedacht. Ich packte mein Rüstzeug aus, McLuhan, Innis und Co, warf’s mit meinen eigenen Gedanken in einen Topf und erinnerte mich an einen Testbericht für ein […]

What McLuhan did for ’em

I red an essay of Paul Levinson – McLuhan and Media Ecology. This short essay is somehow a contribution to the acknowledgement of Herbert Marshall McLuhan’s person. For Levinson it is clear that McLuhan’s ideas are profoundly necessary, but not sufficient for the foundation of what today is called Media Ecology. Levinson presents what aspects […]

A historical approach to the media

I should have called this article a reminiscence of Herbert Marshall McLuhan’s view on the media, but it is, in particular, something differing a bit from it, that the essay I red deals with. McLuhan tried to change the peoples’ view on the media his whole life long. This essay, I am relating to, he […]

Chapter One: The medium is the message

I mentioned Understanding Media a work of Herbert Marshall McLuhan before. Just in case you missed, follow this link to the “Introduction to Understanding Media”. I told you there, that I will succeed in reading and presenting to you the results that are in my opinion worth mentioning. So let’s do that for the first […]

Introduction to Understanding Media

Understanding Media is a book written of Herbert Marshall McLuhan. He particularly introduced some mediatheoretical aspects into the world of science and was most active in the 1950ties and 1960ties. I had to write an essay on the topic of McLuhan’s mediatheoretical aspects concerning the Internet. Now I have to prepare for an oral exam […]