Torak’s unforseeable escape and their journey with three of them

We left Torak, the Tall Tailless, as Wolf calls him and the little Wolf cub at chapter nine and will now resume the story following up till chapter fourteen. Torak was bent to a roofpost from Oslak and Wolf bent to the same roofpost with a leash. A clan meet is summoned and the different clan members are discussing their views on the prophecy. Torak does not know yet that there exist at least two different interpretations of the prophecy. In one he will be sacrificed and his heart’s blood will be taken to the Mountain of the World Spirit.

Another chance is that he himself has to battle the demonic bear with the help of the World Spirit, when he’s able to find it. Torak get’s to know a lot about his father, he is told that the demon just was put into the bear to kill his father. An enemy of his father’s did so and beside betrayed the World Spirit. His father had been the Wolf clan’s mage and though had had his enemies, like others who have been put in some mighty positions. At first Torak could escape with the help of Wolf but had to leave him behind. He came back to rescue his mate and is suprisingly getting help from Renn.

The three of them are continuing the journey to the Mountain of the World Spirit to fulfil the prophecy. The relationship between Torak and Renn turned during their journey. First Renn was only managing to get Torak up to the Mountain like a prisoner, he was not given any weapons and she was telling him that she did so just because for her clan. She did not want him to leave like a coward and see her clan go down. At least both of them come to trust each other and their moods are changing. They are moving their way through the mountain and had to cross a wild water. Everything seems to come out well, but while Torak helps Wolf who is frightened by the fast wet, as he calls it, and can take him to the other shore, he himself plunges into the river. This is in brief what happens during these five chapters. We’ll look forward to see what comes next, don’t we?

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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