Nearly drowned and back to life with a clue in his hands

The last we got to know was that Torak plunged into the water and did not come up again for some time. We would not get to know that either in the next chapter, though we can read some of his flow of consciousness, struggling and fighting with the mighty flewing river water. At least Torak had some visions in which the Hidden People came and wanted his souls. Well, at least, Torak can return to the surface, not without taking something with him from the ground he will need to negotiate with the World Spirit helping him. Some pearls that lay there like a deep sight and therefore fit to fulfil a part of a riddle which is his only clue for the things he’ll need to arrange an agreement with the World Spirit.

That’s what happened till chapter fifteen. We’re reaching halftime. 🙂 We should not bother on the next chapter, it’s just giving us information on how Torak is rescued by Renn and taken to a den where he can recover from nearly drowning. At least in the chapter’s end Renn is somehow anxious that Torak had slept all the night with these mighty eyelike things in his hand, he fetched from the river ground. There’s some magic around these, and they’re putting them away, hiding them in a pouch of ravenskin. Let’s take a break for now. Talk to you later boys and girls, women and guys. 😉

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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