unknown chapter?!

As for the last chapter was a bit longer then the others I will summarize it a way shorter as the others before. Probably I won’t go any further in detailed explanation, because there aren’t many aspects worth mentioning. It also maybe that I will try to summarize more as one single chapter at once. Though in the sixth chapter we are presented again both points of view, Torak’s and the cub’s. Though we get to know that Torak calls the cub Wolf now and that the cub has named Torak as Tall Tailless, just because Torak does not have a tail like wolf’s normally do.

Both of them are hunting for prey and Torak hits a buck with an arrow of his and needs two days to prepare the whole carcass. I will not describe this in detail, but again the description that is made at this point does not fit into a children’s book at all. 🙂 At least we’re told that when Torak and Wolf were on the road again, someone was grabbing the little wolf cub from behind. Though we don’t know yet, who it really is, we can guess, just because we have been told before, that Torak and the wolf cub have sighted a group of men, a hunting party, on their journey through the woods.

Paver, Michelle, 2004: Wolf Brother. - Kent (UK): BCA.

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