Literatur Poesie

Just a dove

Just a dove
from a rooftop above
seats itself
next to yourself,
just to communicate
that a decision was made.

On your window sill
it is sitting still,
just to tell its story
from the outset with particular glory,
proud of what was made
she starts to state:

“Dear fellow,
watch below,
listen to me,
as I came for the’.
You inclined to believe
that life is a thief,
but look closer at it
for that it will never hit.
You are supposed to be,
so come, go and you’ll see.
Pure truth is not
what waits for you at this spot.
Your own belief,
it is that changes grief
into insight,
Thus you can see the light.
Take the ticket for the next station
It can change everything
unless you won’t be listening
to your inherent feeling
– no more concealing!”

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