The way up to heaven

Is another short story of Roald Dahl’s. Particularly in the end, the imagery in the story’s title will be resolved and of course in a somehow macabre way. The main figures are Mrs and Mr Foster, married but not that lovely at all. The husband always tries to use his wife’s weaknesses to pleasure his mood. The story as well does not seem very complex at the first view but at least Dahl is able to raise some kind of tension till the end of the story, as he does in this story. The reader then is often kind of astonished about the outcome of the story and mostly will start to think about it from then on. Yet in a way the best of Dahl’s short stories I already red.

If you want to read the book yourself, this is a link to amazon. Dahl, Roald: Kiss, Kiss. It’s a collection of eleven of Dahl’s short stories, subtitled with “A mind-bending collection of stories monstrous and macabre”.

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