Tag: Symboltheorie

  • Repräsentation-als und Erfindung

    Was im Englischen Languages of Art betitelt ist, heißt in der Übersetzung Sprachen der Kunst. Da ich einige englischsprachige Artikel darüber eingefügt hab, dachte ich mir, kann ich getrost die Sprache wechseln und in meiner lengua materna darüber berichten. 😉 Wir hatten zuvor erfahren, dass es Nulldenotationen gibt, also Verbindungen von Bildern auf Objekte, die […]

  • fictions

    We stopped in discussing what imitation has to do with representation and will now go on with an ambiguity in language that interferes the understanding on Goodman’s general topic. In the 5th chapter fictions we’re told that there is a possibility of denotation without representation, although we were told otherwise in the past. Just at […]

  • imitation

    In the chapter following the one on denotation, Goodman discusses aspects of imitation relating them to the core discussion on representation. He concludes as several before him, that there is no possibility on seeing a thing as it is. That is because, “as Ernst Gombrich insists, […] that there is no innocent eye” (p. 7). […]

  • denotation

    Obviously this writing won’t be a very assorted kind of work. This firmly relates to the behaviour of Goodman not clearly and sharply dividing his topics into different chapters, but developing an evolving point of view on what can be assimilatingly called a theory of symbols. Hence I am just doing the job here, that […]